Talks and Workshops

Learn how changing communication can shift the world around you. Communicating more effectively takes an adventurous mind and a touch of bravery…Whether you apply it to yourself, your team at work or in a relationship. Bring Melissa Ruckmick, MA, her research and inspiration into your group or organization to inspire people to communicate at a higher level. Her thought provoking and uplifting talks will bring insight and laughter.

Melissa Ruckmick’s Past Talks and Workshops:

Talk #1: Communication Through the Senses: Find out how your internal dialogue can shift to become more positive. See new perspectives about the world around your new insights. Currently offered at the University of British Columbia (faculty and staff). Offered again soon in Oregon.**

Talk#2: Relationships and Communication: Find the connection that truly can rock your world around relationships through higher levels of inter-personal communication.**

Talk#3:Team Communication: Enjoy learning how to apply current communication skills to your team that will increase productivity and lessen stress in the work-place.**

Talk#4: (Half Day Workshop):Walking with Communication: Bring your teams to the wilderness. Join Melissa as she teaches communication skills and relates them to our connection with nature. Team building comes naturally in this setting.**

Talk #5: (3 1/2 hr ) Generations: Shifting Perspectives at Work. If you are a company or organization who is interested in engaging your employees to reduce turn- around and costs associated with these challenges, bring our dynamic team of communication, leadership and conflict management facilitators to your work place. Melissa joins forces with her esteemed colleagues Jerome Dickey and Brenda Hooper to offer this force of wisdom and professional background. Currently offered only in Vancouver with International invitations considered.

**Currently offered in Vancouver BC and Portland,Oregon.