Communication Guiding

Communication ‘guiding’ is different from ‘life coaching’ or ‘therapy’. I have chosen to step away from the word ‘coach’ due to the ideas people have surrounding it, especially with the concept of ‘life coaching’ which is a model of coaching that most often involves looking at the person’s overall goals in life. Therapy, which is focused on the emotional realm is an area I don’t wander into with you either. What I am is a communication specialist who has formulated unique skills that I have found are incredibly effective when applied in an organized way to literally ‘create’ the life you aspire to live by shedding old thought patterns, formulating new, more supportive communication and clarifying your own personal boundaries. Different modalities such as visualization techniques, mind and breath control, meditation and neuroplasticity training are all a part of this process.

This program of communication training takes between 6 months to a year for private ‘guiding’, depending on a client’s schedule and availability. The on-line modules will offer you the ability to take any amount of time you would like (coming soon) but there will be a suggested timeline for optimal absorption.

I meet with a potential private client for an hour (in person, Skype or Zoom) to see if this work is a fit for both of us, then if it’s a good fit we work out the schedule. For on-line, web clients, the description of the program needs to be carefully read and understood. If there are any questions, feel free to email me. The program requires people to either be proficient in some form of meditation or for them to begin this training right away. If you are in need of meditation training, I suggest a few methods (Transcendental Meditation or Primordial Sound Mediation (now offered on-line) but please do find a teacher in your area you resonate with. If you can go in person, it is preferred. Also if you are proficient at an open-eyed, Buddhist style meditation, that is fine as well but I ask that you have been practicing regularly for at least 2 years. Open eyed mediation is much more difficult to master.  There are also specific lifestyle shifts that will need to take place, an example is having a relaxing routine before bed-no electronics for 2-3 hours before sleep etc…that are integral for this program to effectively allow you to shift your communication patterns. More will be explained in detail right before the initial meeting.

Having explained the process, it is life-changing and transformative endeavour that must be met with a serious commitment or it won’t be of value but its also allot of fun and will bring much more laughter into your life! Every private client I have taken on has far exceeded my expectation and took it on with gusto. As you will see by their testimonials (in that section), their lives shift into a much more positive and happier place. The same will be true for the on-line, at your own pace clients, taking into consideration of course that the need for this type of learning requires some solid self-discipline :).

As mentioned above, this entire program will be offered on-line soon in modules and will be for those who are very proficient, independent workers with allot of self motivation who have already had fairly extensive communications awareness as well as a solid meditation schedule. They will also require an overall conscious way of living, having focused on a number of self awareness programs so they can walk themselves through the modules on their own. For these people as well as my private clients there will be a private, sign on area soon on my website for them to reach out and blog to each other, anonymously if they wish to and further their support network.

For more information, please email Melissa: