Communication through the Senses – Talk at UBC

Join us to learn how changing communication can shift the world around you. Presented by Melissa Ruckmick, Communications Specialist and Professional Speaker, participants will learn how her fascinating and current research can connect you to your senses through higher levels of communication. Find out how your internal dialogue can shift to become more positive, offering new perspectives and insights about the world around you. Be prepared to leave this workshop inspired!

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Gain some fun and exciting ways to heighten your senses with communication tools;
  • Be ignited with a new perspective about how you talk to yourself and others more positively; and
  • Discuss how quickly this shift in communication can change your world and up-lift your life.

Facilitator: Melissa Ruckmick, MA, Communication Specialist and Professional Speaker, has been on a journey of exploration her whole life. First as a child, brought along on her father’s scientific expeditions and then on her own as a documentary film maker, seeker of wisdom and communications researcher. Somewhere along the way, as an adult, she came to realize that we can create a world that is less stressed and happier through understanding how to communicate more effectively. She blends her knowledge and talent to offer communication coaching, talks and workshops as well as award winning documentary projects.

– Apr. 12, 2016 @ 12-1pm (Location: Point Grey)

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