Teaching Fear To Work For US

Speaking of things with eloquence that can bring fear up in each of us in various forms is an important aspect of our conscious growth.

Understanding our food systems, how we need to support farmers for instance in order to know we can feed ourselves and our families is a key undertone to use as an example here….. No one wants to go without food. While in most our lives in North America it seemingly isn’t a problem, those on the forefront of studying food security know its something we all need to take very seriously right now, not in 5 or 10 years. Anyone who has struggled with the cost of living in most our cities at the moment, know for sure that deep fear that one may not have enough money for food.

As I move along with what I am working to build with others around how we can improve our lives, ease stress etc. you will see this aspect come into it often as I visit organic, sustainable farms with the people who are stewarding the land so we can have healthy sources of food for our families. Its an intrinsic aspect to easing fear in our lives, whether people are consciously thinking about it yet or not.

I urge everyone to begin the transition if you haven’t already out of the fear surrounding our worldly challenges and into the beauty and bliss of what we can build together, enriching our lives and easing fear with real ways to better support ourselves and this planet.

For now, if you haven’t started already, I suggest getting to know your local grocers that are actively working with local farmers who grow your food close to home. Its fun knowing where our food comes from and know each cent we spend supports their efforts.

With Love……

Helping in the gardens…

Some Amazing Feedback to Share!


Sorry to have not been as engaging as I wanted to be this year on this blog but I was doing some important work that took every ounce of my energy bringing stories of change, compassion and hope for our future to the world with stories told through many voices. This type of communication is a valuable tool to help collaborative efforts I believe.

One of the perks of having a few days now is I get to hear other stories, some of which have been coming in from past talks and workshops. All of them fill my heart with so much joy but one stood out because it involves the love between people. My colleague who helped orchestrate the whole speaking tour in Oregon had been told this valuable feedback about our workshops…..For a while now I have been waiting and hoping for more insight through the male perspective about the communication work I have been doing. It took a year or so but the feedback I received tonight was about a couple men who had been at one of the workshops with their partners.

Apparently, their lives have transformed, their marriages more solid and overall they are reporting back that their transformation has been something they could only have dreamed of before. This is what melts my heart and feeds me. Thank you both for sharing your stories with my colleague and hopefully they will feel inspired to share them here on the blogs for all of you. The male voice is so important to be there along with the feminine.

I have been asked a number of times now to have a relationship workshop all about communication….Stay tuned! My first will probably be here in Vancouver BC.

Please do encourage your friends to get involved, blog, and contact me if there is any interest in talks, workshops or private coaching.

With All The Best Wishes for 2018,