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Teaching Fear To Work For US

Speaking of things with eloquence that can bring fear up in each of us in various forms is an important aspect of our conscious growth. Understanding our food systems, how we need to support farmers for instance in order to know we can feed ourselves and our families is a key undertone to use as […]

Some Amazing Feedback to Share!

Hello! Sorry to have not been as engaging as I wanted to be this year on this blog but I was doing some important work that took every ounce of my energy bringing stories of change, compassion and hope for our future to the world with stories told through many voices. This type of communication […]

Meditation-Calming the Monkey Mind

I have been asked by my clients and many people during talks about meditation. Mainly they want to know if ‘formal, seated meditation’ is the only way to go and I would say it definitely is not however if you want to increase your awareness, mindfulness, etc. its important to have some form of mediation […]