Who I am

Hello! I am an Independent Documentary Film-Maker, Communication Specialist, and an Herbal Plant Provocateur with a MA in Communications, Public Relations and Marketing. Thank you for visiting my site!

I have been on a journey of exploration my whole life. First as a child, brought along on my Fathers scientific expeditions around the world and then on my own as a documentary film maker, and communications researcher.

With this global perspective, having traveled and lived in many countries, often with indigenous cultures with wise people who have helped me hone my path. My research, talks and workshops all integrate the knowledge I’ve acquired that will better support each us in our quest to reduce conflict and stress through more effective communication skills.

In all of my work, whether it’s a documentary or in the communication world, I focus on the stories of our world that bring people and nature together. With the communication guiding, we dig deep into your own personal way of relating both to yourself and others to fine tune your language to make sure what you want to convey is really transferred to others.

I love working with people who are ready for change, like a butterfly metamorphosing as I support you to shift perspectives and transform your life into what will help you thrive. For my documentaries, hopefully they will buzz with thoughts and insights for many months or years. Thats my goal! Enjoy my website and please email me any feedback, questions or inquires. See you out in the wild blue!