Who I am

Melissa (Misha) is a communication specialist with a MA in Communications, Public Relations and Marketing. She focuses on bringing people together through higher levels of communication skills, whether it is with an organization, company, group or individual. Melissa has been on a journey of exploration her whole life. First as a child, brought along on her Fathers scientific expeditions around the world and then on her own as a documentary film maker, and communications researcher.

With this global perspective, having traveled and lived in many countries, often with indigenous cultures, Melissa’s research, talks and workshops all integrate the knowledge she has acquired that will better support us in our quest to reduce conflict.

She brings a very lively and inclusive approach to her work, offering people a newer vision that if integrated into their work or personal lives can shift perspectives, transforming any difficult situation they may encounter.

Melissa’s research has been based on the qualitative and interpretative aspects of communication both with the cognitive-internal dimension and the external, focused models.