Melissa is going to speak at 2016 BCAMI Symposium about the topic of Generational Differences in the Workplace.

Based on a growing interest with generations in the workplace, this panel will explore how people bring their own “lens” to generational differences often leading to misunderstandings and conflict. Join us for this intriguing discussion on today’s hottest topic.

The talk will be from 10:30 AM- 11:45 AM on May 31st, 2016.

View the Full Schedule here.



The Institute was incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia in March 1980. Its name was changed in March 1988 to British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute.

Comprised of almost 300 arbitrators and mediators throughout the province, experienced in all professional fields, the Institute is a multifaceted organization that provides:

  1. A multi-level training program for ADR practitioners
  2. Accreditation for its members
  3. A referral and appointment service for users, arbitrators and mediators
  4. Information on ADR
  5. A Speakers Bureau
  6. In-house training programs


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